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Highene Technologies products are made at its Bommasandra plant that is fitted with a Full-fledged assembly line including the latest high pressure winding machines. The production process includes polypropylene cloth slitting & winding on the core, polypropylene yarn winding, silver impregnated activated carbon layering, and the fixing of end caps using zigs hydraulic pressure. Finally, the products are meticulously checked before being packed and delivered to customers.

A well equipped quality testing laboratory checks product quality on an on-going basis. Other independent commercial laboratories & institutions are also used to test its products.

Product improvement is another continuous process. A dedicated team of technocrats makes performance enhancement and the improvement of economy their own responsibility. Comparative studies are also done with competitive products that are carefully monitored.

Highgene filters are available in a range that suits almost every water condition. They are suitable for

  • Surface Water Treatment
  • Ground Water Treatment
  • Treatment of Water with Total Suspended Solids of varying concentrations & turbidity

Criteria for selection of the Filtration Medium

To select the most suitable filter media, the following information is required.

  • Sources of water
  • Quality of water with respect to total suspended solids in various seasons like monsoon (higher level of suspended particles expected), summer and winter
  • Particle size distribution in the water
  • Required flow rate

But the range is by no means exhaustive and products can be custom-made in accordance with specific customer requirements.

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