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Quality & Facility

Our quality standards are maintained at a very high level to ensure consistency & high performance of our filters. We use both in-house & third party testing to check the quality of our filters.

In House Methods:

  • Physical checks are done at each stage of production to check the physical attributes of the product (length, weight, diameter, etc).
  • Hourly inspections by supervisors on completed products by completely dismantling and checking each material used.
  • Daily filtration testing using NTU meters to check the reduction in turbidity reduction quality.

Third Party Test:

We conduct the below weekly tests at an independent water & water filtration laboratory:

  • Food Grade (Global Migration) Tests
  • Life Cycle Test (Choking, Flow Rate, etc).
  • Pore Size Test (Micron test)

All our products test exceptionally well in all these tests and always give consistent results. We are also in the final steps of ISO certification for our products.

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